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Laurence Brothers has worked as a technologist for firms such as Bell Communications Research, Verizon Laboratories, and Google. In addition to five patents and numerous industry publications he has published short fiction in The Sockdolager, in Daily Science Fiction, and in the forthcoming SciFutures City of the Future anthology. He has written two novels for which he is seeking representation, one a WWI-era aviation fantasy, and the other a romantic fantasy of apocalypse and theogony. Laurence is a graduate of Viable Paradise XVII.


John Chu is a microprocessor architect by day, a writer, translator, and podcast narrator by night. His fiction has appeared at Boston Review, Uncanny, Asimov's Science Fiction, Apex Magazine and Tor.com. He is an alumnus of Viable Paradise X. His story "The Water That Falls on You from Nowhere" won the 2014 Hugo Award for Best Short Story.


Alena McNamara (Viable Paradise XV) lives in Arlington and works in Cambridge, and writes wherever there are trees and water. Alena's work has appeared in Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet, Crossed Genres Magazine, and the anthology Kaleidoscope. For links and more information, visit alenamcnamara.com.

Suzanne Palmer is a senior linux system administrator who lives in western Massachusetts and writes in her spare time. Her work has appeared in Asimov's and Interzone, and she has work forthcoming in Analog. Her story "Tuesdays" won the Asimov's Readers Award for best short story in 2016. She is a graduate of Viable Paradise IX.

Lauren M. Roy spends her days selling books to bookstores and her nights scratching out stories of her own. She is also a freelance writer for tabletop roleplaying games. Lauren lives in southeastern Massachusetts with her husband, their cats, and the ghosts of houseplants she forgets to water. She is the author of the Night Owls series and the YA fantasy The Fire Children. Lauren is a graduate of Viable Paradise XVI.

Lauren's books:

M. Adrian Sellers is an accidental Buddhist, the fifth son of a fifth son, and a writer of speculative fiction. His work has appeared at Daily Science Fiction; a novelette placed as a q4 2014 finalist in the Writers of The Future contest, and he placed third in the 2015 Boskone Flash Slam. He is a graduate of the Taos Toolbox (2013) and Viable Paradise (VPXV, 2011) workshops. He currently resides in New England with one spouse and two dogs.

David Twiddy stands daily guard over three chaos elementals, one eleven years old, one seven, one five. His work has appeared at The Sockdolager! and Daily Science Fiction. He is a graduate of Viable Paradise XVII.